Costa Del Golf


Costa Del Golf!   Sounds like the usual cliché, but in the case of the Costa del Sol – the Costa del Golf, as some call it – the cliché is reality. Golf is the sport on the Costa del Sol. It has more than 40 clubs, most of them beside residential developments and most in the western Costa del Sol area, making this the area with the highest concentration of golf courses in all of continental Europe. This has a lot to do with the climate, where the sun shines for about 300 days of the year, and it has a lot to do also with the natural evolution of quality tourism in the region. 

These are, in the main, quality golf courses, as we can see by the number of international championships that take place on them: the Ryder Cup, the World Championship, the Spanish Open, the Volvo masters and others. A new feature of golf in the region is the large number of new courses built in the interior of the province over recent years as well, and many more in the process of being built.  


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